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EastCraft... Uses Alesis HD24, 24 bit, 24 track digital recorders to insure the very best audio quality. These MultiTrack Recorders are at the fore front of the recording industry. Countless Number 1 hits and EastCraft Demos° have been recorded using the ADAT format. With their impressive 24 bit resolution and 96 kHz sample rate they completely surpass the 16 bit / 44kHz compact disc in audio quality.  Audio quality of these units are superb and are the foundation of our studio and are the finest the industrey offers.
Alesis adat XT20

EastCraft tracking are handled by our pair of  MX3282 32 Channel Eurodesk mixers. Mixing and mastering is handled by computer in software. With their super low noise preamps and superb audio quality our demo's (high quality) shines through even after the mastering process. EastCraft also utilizes computer editing and mastering. Recorders, Effects, Compressors, EQ's, De-essers and high quality microphones made by such manufactures as: Alesis, AKG, Audio-Technica, Behringer, DBX, DigiTech, Neumann, Sony and Tascam. Our Musical Instruments, such as guitars, amps and quality keyboards are made by such manufactures as: Alesis, Gibson, Orange, Roland, Fender, Peavey, Marshall, Takamine, Vox, Yamaha and Pearl. EastCraft Demos°  Master recordings are radio ready right from the CD, MD or MP3. Order yours now......EastCraft Demos°


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